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Mass Media and Popular Culture

Jane Ace (1900?–1974)

Jane Ace, a radio actress whose birth name was Jane Epstein and who was known professionally as Jane Sherwood, was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Said to have been seventy-four at the time of her death in 1974, she was probably born in 1900 or 1901, but secondary sources reveal no reliable date of birth. The date of her marriage to Goodman Ace, a Kansas City Post journalist, is equally uncertain. Although many sources contend it was in 1928, the most reliable, Mark Singer’s article in the New Yorker, says 1922.

Zoë Byrd Akins (1886–1958)

Zoë Byrd Akins was born on October 30, 1886, in Humansville, Missouri, the second of three children of Thomas Jasper and Sarah Elizabeth Green Akins, who was for many years the chair of the Missouri Republican Party. Through her mother, Akins claimed kinship to a number of prominent Americans, including George Washington and Duff Green.

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